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RP Rules

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Respect all RPers, this includes those who are currently doing a role play, and those who are not. There is no tolerance of belittling other people, or trying to make another person feel bad. Doing so will result in a kick. 3 kicks= a ban, 3 bans = permanent removement from channel. There will be no use of derogatory terms, such use of language will result in a kick. A repeated use of these terms results in a ban. Length of ban will vary. There is no arguing with mods/admins/owner over decisions or disciplinary actions. Arguing with a mod will result in a kick, continuing will result in a ban; ban length may vary. Respect everyone’s opinions, there is no “wrong” opinion unless that opinion breaks any of the above rules. Please no using the chat to talk bad about other people or to gossip, save it for PM. Don't spam: This includes any and all bots, highlighting, or the unnecessary use of multiple lines. No advertising: This includes anything illegal or other irc channels (And personal YT Channel… Unless you ask me first.) Any sexual abuse occurring outside of the channel, or to anyone who is currently in the channel, but happens outside of the channel will result in a ban.
It’s not abuse if all included parties are okay with it

NOTE: I can change or alter these rules whenever I want (I most likely won't - that’s mean- but i will if it is necessary). Any and all of these rules are subject to change. If you have any questions or need clarification ask Nyankochan

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Suggest your stories here!

Come out and play with us
Come out and play with us

A mad man who is rich hires a group of men to kidnap a group of people, They struggle but are held at gunpoint and knocked out. When they awake they are all on a huge ship, however they are all separated in groups of 2 to 3 each. Those who find themselves on the deck see that there is no sky or water only darkness though just outside there field of vison about 100 yards out (because its dark they cant see far) they see shapes seemingly gliding around. The ship is heavily rusted. It is also filled with failed creations of the mad man. Monsters nobody has ever known or imagined. The people are starting to look around when a radio starts that they can all hear, it's the madman speaking to them he says "Hello, hello I bet you are all wondering why you're all here! Well think no longer I've brought you to this very special ship of mine her name you will findout yourself if you'd like. But you have been tasked with killing off my.... umm, Lets say my pets. They've been very naughty and need punished so I can make new pets! Afterwords I may allow you all to return home or maybe you can become my next pets.. laughs hysterically GOOD LUCK!"

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RP Session logs from the bot!

Coming Soon!

I need to integrate the bot to put its logs here. Until then stay tuned!

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